Students Shine in the Community 

If you or your child would like to send a picture of exciting events happening in their lives, we would love to showcase those pictures on our website.

Community Dinner - Social Justice

Our Social Justice Students provided the money and manpower to put on the monthly Community Dinner at the Legion in partnership with Drayton Valley FCSS.   The community dinner is a great opportunity for people to get together over a hot meal and is based on a pay what you can or not at all to encourage as many as possible to join in.  Great Job!

Community Dinner - Social Justice

Just wanted to also share a picture of the hardwork our Social Justice students and staff are putting into the Community Dinner!

Helping in the Community

One of our students helped to shovel the Cinitaph at the Legion as a part of Cadets.  We love to show our students contributing to a better community!