Knowledge and Employability

Knowledge and Employability

English Language Arts 10-4, 20-4, 30-4 (5 credits each)

This course sequence is designed for students who have experienced difficulty with English Language Arts in the regular program and it focuses on the need of the learner to experience success. It assists students in meeting the credit and course requirements for a Certificate of High School Achievement. Students are provided with opportunities to practice functional communication skills for lifelong application.

Science 10-4, 20-4 (5 credits each)

This course focuses on developing and applying essential science skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for everyday living. It provides hands-on learning experiences and promotes lifelong learning. The course meets the science requirements for a Certificate of High School Achievement.

Social Studies 10-4: Living in a Globalizing World

Students will examine globalization, the process by which the world is becoming increasingly connected and interdependent. They will explore historical aspects of globalization as well as the effects of it on lands, cultures, human rights and quality of life.

Social Studies 20-4: Nationalism in Canada and the World

Students will examine various forms of nationalism and apply their perceptions to their own identity and sense of citizenship. They will investigate the influence of nationalism on historical and contemporary events. Students will explore the impacts of nationalism and internationalism.