High School Graduation Policy


The administration recognizes and supports our grade 12 students in preparing for their graduation. We outline the following priorities for our grade 12 students throughout their grade 12 year.

  1. All students meet the academic requirements needed for a high school diploma in Alberta.
  2. All grade 12 students from Holy Trinity are required to attend a graduating class retreat in the Spring.
  3. A student must achieve a 50% or better in Religious Studies 35 in order to attend the commencement exercises. Students must complete 20 hours of Volunteer Community Service.
  4. Students must be in consultation with the High School counselor in order to determine registration and completion of specific courses they may need in order for post-secondary entrance.
  5. The organization and preparation of graduation events such as the dinner, prom dance, and commencement exercises following the celebration of the Eucharist as a school and parish community.

In trying to create an atmosphere where students are keeping focused and proper attention given to their academic studies, the following guidelines specifically deal with Sub- Section 5. As such the following guidelines will direct and enable students under the direction of staff members to plan a successful graduation ceremonial experience that will be least disruptive to the academic excellence they have worked so hard to achieve.

School Graduation Policy