Staff Directory


Photo of Keri-Lynn Clark

Mrs. Keri-Lynn Clark


Photo of Meghann Gupton

Mrs. Meghann Gupton

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kirk Nelson

Mr. Kirk Nelson

Vice - Principal


Photo of Eileen Beaulieu

Mrs. Eileen Beaulieu

Photo of Jessica Bens

Miss Jessica Bens

Photo of Darius Cheung

Mr. Darius Cheung

Photo of Catherine Dohn

Mrs. Catherine Dohn

Photo of Bev Duperron

Ms. Bev Duperron

Photo of Ryley Jones

Mrs. Ryley Jones

Photo of Ian McCourt

Mr. Ian McCourt

Photo of Keisha Paddyfoot

Mrs. Keisha Paddyfoot

Photo of Shawn Ram

Mr. Shawn Ram

Photo of Jayne Schadeck

Ms. Jayne Schadeck

Photo of Lee-Adele Shykora

Ms. Lee-Adele Shykora

Photo of Marie Titanich

Miss Marie Titanich

Photo of Emily Valiquette

Miss Emily Valiquette