Whether it is personal, social, emotional or career counseling you are seeking or if you needing assistance applying for a scholarship, Holy Trinity Academy provides it through our on-site school counselor. Our counselor can also refer students and family members to external organizations and professionals.

Personal Counselling services are available to students by referral every Thursday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Guidance Counselling

Mr. Olson now has his own space on the internet.  Students should access his web page for a variety of counseling information.

ALIS Information

ALIS is a helpful resource when planning your career path with resources to research career option and potential wages as well as wage expectations and post-secondary options for training.  You can follow this link to begin your search.

Resources from ALIS  is a short brochure which will give you more information regarding the resources available on their website.

University and College Updates and Information 

This link above will direct you to the original image below which will provide you with the information below.  This is an up to date flyer that provides application dates, deadline dates, open house dates, and contact information.