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Trinity for Teens Begins December 4th

Monday, December 4 till Friday, December 13, 2019 – Trinity for Teens

Trinity for Teens will begin December 4th with our Social Justice group heading up the effort.  The items go to teens in a mental health ward in Calgary. The hospital staff have found that at Christmas the little kids get a lot of attention and gifts, while the teens tend to be overlooked. Many of the items we send are used as Christmas presents for these teens, which means that gift packs and new clothes items are especially great for this. 

The teens who are admitted into the ward typically come in with the clothes they are wearing and nothing else, so a lot of the hygiene items and clothes are stored until new patients come in. Then, throughout the year, new patients are given the items that they need in order to help them feel more welcome and to help them settle into a normal routine. The baking and craft items are used as therapy activities, as well as activities to pass the time and teach life skills. 

Essentially, any item, except for sharp objects or anything with strings can be used and are appreciated. Please don't send wrapped gifts, as they will need to be opened.

The List of most needed/useful items are:

  • Baking items (muffin mix, cake mix, cookie mix)
  • Craft items and art supplies, but not colouring books as they already have lots
  • Hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brushes, scrunchies, etc)
  • Clothes, especially underwear and socks in all sizes. Clothes should be new.
  • Decks of cards, board games, activity books, etc.
  • Christmas gift wrap, bows, cards, tape, etc for hospital staff to wrap presents with.

Family points will also be awarded for the students.

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