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A Word From Father Jaya

Dear parishioners,

Tomorrow Wednesday, March 25, is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. You are invited to join in Holy Mass and Holy Rosary with our Archbishop. 

We will be praying particularly for the intention of those affected by the Coronavirus crisis, for the victims, caregivers, civic leaders, and all Canadians.
The Holy Mass is at 12 p.m. and Holy Rosary at 3:30 p.m. Live stream links are available on our parish website:

Some recent words of encouragement from the Holy Father:

“The Rosary is the prayer of the humble and of the saints. In its mysteries, they contemplate, along with Mary, the life of Jesus, the merciful face of the Father.

O, how much we all need to be truly comforted, to be wrapped in His loving presence! We measure the truth of this experience through our relationship with others.

At this moment, they are our closest relatives. Let us be close to one another, being the first to be charitable, understanding, patient and forgiving.

Though you may be confined to your own homes, allow your hearts to expand so they may be available and welcoming to all.”

Keep safe and Let us be united in prayers.

With Prayers, 
Fr. Jaya Rajan JM SACSt. Anthony's Parish

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